Jorge Emilio Adeler, descendant from Cort Adeler, in the USA..

Jorge Emilio Adeler, direct descendent from Cort Adeler, send us his greetings.

A copy of Danmarks Adels Aarbog is shown her.

He wrote 13.december 2022 the following:

Dear Rune Bamblebruk.
My name is Jorge Emilio Adeler(son of Ernesto Adeler).
Sodenais give me your email and I like to thank you and all the members
of the Cort Adeler Society for the magnificent work that all of you do
to preserve the name and history of Cort Adeler.
In the name of my entire family and myself we wish you all a wonderful
celebration, and a great Holiday.
With best regards.
Jorge Emilio and Graciela Adeler.

Dear Sodenais.
Thank you for all the information.
I will like to ask you a favor.
Can you please send my message to the members of the Cort Adeler
With great respect and admiration for the work that you do, I thank you
on the name of my family and wish all of you a very Happy Holidays and a
wonderful new year.
Jorge Emilio Adeler